Frances Perera Arrived in Oman in 1978 and has lived in both Salalah and Muscat, where she was a community organizer; and during her time in Muscat expanded her pursuits to become a librarian. In 1995 she moved with her children to Canada where she cared for them while her husband remained in Oman.

In Canada she continued her interests in the community taking a position on the school board. Her positions included Auburn Drive High School (1996 – 2002) - Member of the School Advisory Council; Member of the Disciplinary committee; Member of the organizing committee for multicultural activities. She became president of the Sri Lanka Canada Maritime Association, she was a member of the Multicultural Council of Nova Scotia and organized various multicultural & Canadian events; and became a member of many social service groups. These include the Multicultural Council of Nova Scotia (1997 – 2004), Treasurer of the council from 1998 to 2000, Member of the Sri Lanka - Canada Association (1996 – 2004), President of the Association from 1998 to 2000.

Upon her return to Oman in 2004 she became very active in many different charitable efforts and became a respected member of the Catholic Church.

In 2008 she took on a new role for her which she has excelled at ever since; as GM of BPOS global. She continues her charitable efforts and strives each day to make a better world.